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by Bluelily

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Released by Little L Records in Carlow, Ireland. LLR-104.


released September 25, 2015

Musicians who appear on this release:
Zack Stewart — vocals, synthesizer, piano, programming
Nate Wagner — guitar, bass

All songs and lyrics written by Zack Stewart.
Written between late 2011 and mid-2014.

Recorded in various bedrooms, dorm rooms, and hallways by Kirby Olson and Nate Wagner between September 2014 and March 2015.

Mixed and mastered by Kirby Olson and Zack Stewart.

Artwork by Zack Stewart.

Bluelily would like to thank:
Kirby and Nate, for putting up with me and helping to bring everything to life; Callum Browne, for believing in me even when I didn’t; Mr. Tom Plummer, for teaching me the joys of making music and playing jazz; Dan McLay, for your kind words of encouragement; and Donetta Stewart, Don Smith, Seth and BJ Ludwig, Nick Collison, Matt Nieland, Joel Wernimont, Tanner Schrad, Jace Neubaum, Erin Weber, Stella Gatzke, Nola Novak, Jenkin Benson, Jacob Getzoff, Thomas Grabinski, Patrick Armstrong, Ilai Ashdot, Ian Wang, Nick M. / Eyesz, Julian Conrads, Mel Darling, Edmund Olson, Dave Mufasa, and all my other friends and family both near and far for all of your love and support.

Dedicated to the memory of Keith Alan Stewart.



all rights reserved


Bluelily Auburn, Iowa

Bluelily is Zack Stewart (and friends).

Terrorizing rural Iowa with jazz grooves and walls of shoegazey guitar since 2013.


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Track Name: Amaranth
wake now and grasp the thread of red devotion
oh, where were you when I fell in love with such a dead emotion?

but much to my surprise
all the things you'd said to me were little white lies
so if nothing comes to pass, don't choke on the glass

all your friends are out there painting landscapes in amaranthine shades
but every single noise you paint comes out a dull and lifeless gray

and much to my surprise
all the things I'd told myself were little white lies
so if nothing comes to pass, don't choke on the glass
to shamelessly forget the past

and you just can't help but sit there with your stomach sinking
when your fingers won't keep up with what your brain is thinking
so if something comes to pass
and if anything comes to pass
then when nothing comes to pass, don't choke on the glass
Track Name: Blue Buoys
now lost at sea, where to confide?
nowhere to go, no place to hide
it barely seems that you’re alive
because you see right through me
so you look away when you say hello
blank eyes caught up in the undertow
so your hopes won't sink tied to a stone
floating like blue buoys

dropped an ocean inside your skull
the monochrome life is awfully dull
throw your headphones on and fade away
yeah, that'll be the day
hey, you know, you’re drowning yourself when you say "I’d rather be alone"
hey, you know, you're choking yourself when you say "I’d rather live alone"
hey, don’t you know, you're stabbing yourself when you say "I’d rather stay alone"
better drain that ocean before you're all gone

now lost at sea (where to confide?)
nowhere to go (no place to hide)
it barely seems that you're alive
because you see right through me
so you look away (when you say hello)
blank eyes caught up (in the undertow)
so your hopes won't sink tied to a stone
floating like blue buoys

(was all that you loved cast down the river?
all that you loved swept out to sea?)
Track Name: CMYK
out of touch with everyone you knew
honestly, it's funny what eight months will do
guess I'm just out of it
now finally down to the last of your palettes
yet you refuse to accept there's something wrong about it
maybe I'm full of shit
only trying to not try at all
you lined your lies up in rows, you locked the truths in the walls
you're the captain of a sinking ship

a sky full of yellow stars will still come crashing down
even if you beg the setting sun to keep magenta clouds around
and come the cyan glow of midnight light, it couldn't be any clearer
all you are anymore is a man at war with the face in the mirror

and if art's not art and God is dead or whatever
my friends say these days
not that I understand now, anyway
I'll keep spitting out my sophomoric prose
in some last-ditch effort where anything goes
it's subtractive, and that's all I know
so dye everything a stygian black
or anything but that

you tried to make a mark, but the colors bled together
now you're left grasping for anything at all
the world's an empty canvas, but the paint won't last forever
now you're standing there and just about to fall
had the chance to start your portrait, but you were staring through a filter
now the opportunity is slipping away
yeah, I guess I've just been out of it
Track Name: Dead Weight
if I buy a guitar and do it over
pen a six-stringed symphony and reclaim all the wasted years
will I buy a new life and live it better
or tear out the torn pages and bury all the misplaced fears

we were all too busy getting old
we were all so stupid

wading through a sea of noise like I'm not right in the head
maybe I should set this weight down and just go back inside instead
need to pick up the pace to walk the paths I've yet to tread
walk straight into the abyss to keep the dream from going dead

we were all too busy getting old
we were all too lazy to break the mold
I was there, standing in the dead of night
but now I’m all right
I’ll be all right